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The Beautiful Festival in Edinburgh

edinburgh-festivalLive dance performances are an amazing way to see truly beautiful dance forms showcased with dazzling costumes and sensual music set against a powerful background. Such a performance was recently held at a small cultural festival in Edinburgh. South Asian dancers performed along with several other folk dance groups from around the world. The combination was a brilliant reminder of the diverse traditional cultures from all over our globe. Each one held the audience spellbound with their skill and their movements. I had gone to see friends perform and found myself enjoying the entire festival.

The first set of dancers performed the classical Kathak style of South Asian dancing. Each performance ran about ten minutes and the audience was very appreciative. The spins and flowing movements accented the beautiful costumes the dancers wore and the music came through the speakers perfectly.

The DJ was fantastic

The person acting as DJ clearly knew how to engage an audience. He explained the dance style and the meaning behind the movements and gestures that conveyed the story each dance told. He had a great gift for making people listen and by the time the dancers took the stage the audience was excited about what they were going to see. His equipment had great clarity and the music flowed out of the speakers at just the right levels. Along with his mixer and speakers, he had some lighting that accented the whirling dancers, blending their colourful costumes into a rainbow of fluttering movement. The set-up he provided added a great deal to the performance. The backdrop provided by the festival was perfect for the colours chosen by the dancers as well. Everything came together to make this performance amazing. The dancers received a standing ovation when they were done.

An ode to the extremely talented dancers

Some of the dancers were from the school where I take lessons (see here) as well and they are hoping to form a professional company that can perform all over the world. Many of these dancers have studied the classical South Asian dance forms for most of their lives, dedicating themselves to preserving and presenting this traditional style of dance. They all currently live in Edinburgh and this festival was the perfect opportunity to try their hand at a live performance. It is just this kind of practice and attention they need to market their professional troupe. With the rave reviews they received from the Edinburgh festival, I believe they are on their way to accomplishing their dream.

New technology captured the whole thing!

Along with all the wonderful written compliments and attention they got, there were also some photographs to go with it. Aerial drone photography was taken of each performance at the festival so these dancers have some amazing shots of their performance to include in future publicity packets. Festival organizers engaged an aerial drone photo service to get these incredible shots, hoping to publicize not only the individual artists but the festival itself. After seeing the great images they got, I’d have to say that they have what they need for next year’s festival.