A Dancer’s Trick for All-Day Energy

sleepyThe average person finds themselves lacking energy at one point or another throughout the day. Some of us find it difficult to get a quick start in the morning. Others find it hard to maintain energy after lunch. Most of us find it nearly impossible to be full of energy after putting in a full day of work at the office.

It can be even harder to find that energy if your job is physically demanding. Construction workers, labourers, and anyone required to stand for a full eight hour shift is far more likely to be physically exhausted at the end of the day. One interesting trick for all-day energy comes from a person with a job that is far more physically demanding than any of those, though: my friend, a South Asian dancer performing in London.

Mother Knows Best When it Comes to Energy

Aabha, which is an Indian name meaning “beautiful glow,” found herself in a difficult situation. She not only had to spend several hours rehearsing her dance routines every day, but also needing to maintain her energy through five different performances each night. It was physically strenuous and kept her from having the energy she needed to enjoy her free time with her friends and family.

She spoke to her mother about her difficulties and was surprised at the obviousness of her suggestion. He mother simply asked her if she was getting enough sleep. While Aabha was getting about seven hours each night, she often found that she would toss and turn frequently. She would also wake up with sore muscles most mornings.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is the Trick

Her mother suggested she do a few things in order to get some sleep. First, she knew that Aabha was probably staying up late, watching television or browsing the internet. This causes the circadian rhythm to be thrown out of sync, and makes it harder for us to fall asleep when we do lie down. Her mother encouraged her to skip the television and internet at least an hour before going to bed. Another good option for those that can afford is to invest in an electronic massage chair.

She also encouraged her to look into buying a new mattress. Her mother knew that the tossing and turning was likely the result of a mattress that wasn’t properly supporting Aabha’s body. After researching her options she purchased a memory foam mattress and quickly found that her sleep wasn’t interrupted by tossing and turning like it once was.

While she isn’t always able to get the amount of sleep she’d like, she’s found that following her mother’s suggestions allows her to get the quality of rest she needs. There’s a clear difference for her between the energy she has after a good night’s rest and how she feels when she is up late watching TV, or sleeps for less than eight hours.

Implement these tips in your life and you’re far more likely to have the all-day energy you’re looking for. If they work for a South Asian dance with a physically demanding schedule, they’re almost certain to work for you, too.